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I've been running out of adjectives and emotions.
I choked on a subject or maybe my life has lost its plural.
My syntax is sick and tired.
It should be the end of the year approaching quickly,
bringing reflections or maybe it is my poor semantics that insists on finding meaning
in what has already lost its significance.

I have lived according to a lot of interjections:
Wow! Ouch! Oh! Oh No!
And nothing else comes out of my mouth anymore,
only out of my pockets.
I know my replies have been monosyllabic lately.
This economy is all I have at the tip of my tongue and heart.
I wonder what happened to me?
I have been an object: indirect, of course.
I have looked for cohesion and coherence,
but, I still require a complement (it can be verbal or nominal: I don't know yet).
I am quite sure a clause can save me! I hope it might be an (in)subordinate one.

I need imperatives:”Love me”, “Kiss me” “Hug me” or a new pronoun.
We is such a beautiful one!
I lack vocatives too: “Come to me, darling!”, “Baby, I am here!”

My English is half dead, half alive.
Modifiers could help me to resurrect and modify:
“Life will be better now”, “He is the best thing that happened to me”.
I suppose my linking verbs should be revised to an unabridged edition:
“I feel good”, “I am happy”.
A transitive verb of desire would solve all my problems
and enrich my rhymes ... What rhymes with this wordless moment?

A noun? A noun is a name.
If I don’t assume it is a name, I can ignore it.
It has no existence.
There is no way out: I have to update my grammar.
I will start with an adverb of time:
tomorrow, tomorrow…

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2011

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  1. I like how you take the language and make it a living reality. Beautifully skilled as a teacher! Loved this! EXALT! tc