As I lie where your shadow
watches my deserted heart,
the jealous sky flows toward me,
blessing my divine desire,
enchanting me with those unapparent clouds
you painted when love
was the verb that caught fire.

Lost in my endless days,
I enter life again, uncertain of all,
dreaming and being destroyed
by the storms of July
as I see my withered flowers blooming
just for my eyes while sorrow does fall.

Love is beauty itself that lives,
it is a miracle I can't escape.

I am immaculate now
and something in my blood owns
the universe.

Here neither reason can be conceived
nor knowledge can explain why
I read the roses while I listen to
my heart's delight.
Here eternity holds the night.

I go by the windy street,
pushing back time, touching your soul
with my soft fingers, thinking about
what lies beyond you and me
as your presence crosses across my brain,
stealing my heart away, filling my empty body
with love and delicate air.

Here wolves and eagles sigh on my serene canvas.
Here stars and stones whisper
for love needs no words.

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2011

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