Now that the Sun is in Leo
and winter undresses the trees,
coldness looks through the keyholes,
spying those who shiver and chatter
during the night as the south wind
blows, carrying leaves which lay
on the desolate streets of life.

There is a woman by a blurry window.
her soul searches for answers, her heart
grows each day, waiting for someone
who will never give the answers she
needs to hear.

A tall man is smoking his life away
on a porch, thinking about all the mistakes
staining his hands, cursing the bloody moon
as his eyes itch.

They are painting a canvas which
cannot be hung on the wall.
They were defeated but they still don't know
if the battle was lost.

A little girl is playing in her bedroom.
She closes her eyes and hope embraces
her bruised body. She is a princess
without a crown, a fairy without
one of the wings,
She is something lost and found.

Every night she prays for better days.
She doesn't know but a miracle is in
store for her.

Suddenly a woman opens the little girl's door
(she was by the window before)
She caresses her girl's bald head,
and lulls her to sleep as the Gods in heavens,
with their ever open eyes, bless again that
love so perfect and deep.

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2011

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