Writing poetry is like releasing words
Then choosing the favourite ones.
And it does not matter whether they will
Please or not as long as they fit
My immensity.

I do not belong to the canon,
I'm not literary or anything like that.
I prefer the freedom to read life
According to my soul.

The first sentence is always the most
Impossible, the most complicated.
I Allow it to guide me to
Sonnets (why not?), elegies,
Free verses, odes and all kinds
Of poetry.

A good poem is always the one
I'll write some day and
Who knows, I may please Greeks
And Trojans.
(I think it will take years ...)

I still believe
That a good poem is not the one
Filled with techniques and so on.
Oh no! it is not!
The best poem is always the one
That reads the reader.
It invades his innermost feelings
And he only surrenders.

Good texts, bad texts
Why classify?
Aristotle forgive me,
But I follow my own rules
When the subject is
Poetic art.

Karla Bardanza

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