I remember when anguish was self-revealed:
It was raining, the quiet sky was crying
And the shy clouds were my shield.
The leaves whispered to me he was dying.

That dark day, the dim lights did sigh
As I walked among the flowers and the dead,
Scratching my skin into the wild night,
Waiting my dangerous world to drop dead.

I look back in anger and in despair,
Feeling the wind blowing the ash of my low fire,
Running in crazy circles, going nowhere,
Looking for him in my sick desire.

Nothing I have but that damp grave:
Memories stained by pain and solitude
When my naked soul does rave
Blurring the past in my tired blood.

My love, where are you? You are not here.
Everything is lost forever. I am undone.
Everything does lose meaning and disappear
As I look myself in the mirror and find no one.

Karla Bardanza

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  1. Truly a morning of a love lost,
    breathtaking!! EXALT!!!