I was lost until I found you
My soul searching for its mate,
The blessing of a lifetime given
Believing in faith, Believing in fate,

One step at a time
A lesson learned to obey,
Walking hand in hand with you
Taking time to know you in every way,

Deep inside so many bleeding scars,
a heart sinking in sorrow and despair,
delusion kissing my cruel days,
thorns and wounds to share.

I was lost until I found you
my soul contemplating delight,
the dream has finally come true:
I see your ever expanding light.

A vision of future and promises,
You have given me a new soul,
I feel my heart beating fast.
My love, I am again whole.

Jeff Weiner & Karla Bardanza

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  1. This is a beautiful co-write. The two of you write as if you have one heart. Awesome! ~ Blessings.