I have unknown depths deep inside:

They scare so much when my cherished beast

rises in the dark and devours me in peace.

(It is always a lovely encounter)

I abandon myself bleeding happily in my sanctuary of shadows,

feeling so comfortable among the thorns, caressing the same

wound that never heals on my altar of weak red roses.

My beast is an inarticulate yesterday blossoming underground,

a box of silence uncaressed where my soul is hidden in pensive


We long for the jealous sky, we need the bitter sea, we lull the ruins

and the wind - we live in a dolorous labyrinth of love.

Nobody wants to share my eager shades, nobody understands my

battles in hell and in heavens or even my compassionate beast.

My rage, pain and monotony witnessed our crimes today but they

were crimes of passion, crimes of despair.

The victim was this angry light living in love and I still don't know

when I will learn how to cross this dizzying chasm between desire

and forgiveness.

Let me peer down into it again: you are still there.

Karla Bardanza

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