Wild night awakening stars

Looking up I see you

As I cross the streets of agony

Fearless for you are with me

I need a sanctifying sweetness

Knowing I have such in your touch

Something in me is a universe of wonders

In Awe of you endless domain

I had the courage to cry

You collect my tears, remove the poison

Summoning the moon

It mirrors your reflection

Feeling truth beneath my skin

Your Spirit flows through my soul

The strength I need

Is being in you

This light in my throat

A clearing to speak your words

I opened my bruised hands

To see your love cover with balm

And you were there all the time

Never was I alone

I feel and I surrender

To your loving presence

This water holds my mystery

The washing of rebirth

I resurrected just to find

Myself new bearing your image.

Cinda & Karla Bardanza

1 comment:

  1. You have me on the palm of your hands... I am but yours. I am never alone.... tc