When I opened my heart and let you looked inside, the moon was in my eyes and I was barefoot, wearing my best smile and my frightened soul. I felt when Cupid shot his bow through it. I couldn’t do anything but swallow my fear and ask you to render me infinity. My heart bled deliciously in the beginning. I got used to that pain. Love had never been that easy for me. Nobody had taught me how to establish an everlasting bond I wasn’t prepared for that mission though I wished we could melt into one. I was thirsty. All I wanted was to drink your eyes. All I needed was to embrace your soul.

There was a mantra I used to listen that time: Madana Mohana Murari and even now when I listen to it, I remember how alive I was and all the seeds that only true love could sow. I could feel our love emerging in my weak veins whenever you held me in your arms. Those moments are carved in time… But I think I lost my life somewhere between desire and pain, maybe the wind blew away my heart a long time ago, maybe…I don’t know…

Look at me and tell me what you can see…I have nothing but the memory of the wind. I have nothing but that old song…I am getting old and I feel I am not strong. Before you, I had all the answers. Before you I used to know myself… Now I dance alone in the dark, still feeling your skin burns my mouth. If tomorrow is another day, I don’t know because it doesn’t matter anymore. Nothing really matters anymore.

Karla Bardanza


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