My left hand sculpted this love

in the dusk.

I didn't see when my soul unveiled

the infinity and all the clouds were indecision.

I didn't see when the oceans slept

and the sun was impossible.

And today, just today

time drags my tomorrow.

Here I am without my eyes,

without my tears, tearing my hopes,

feeling everything the words silenced.

My daylight got lost.

My sun and its mystery are dark.

I wear loneliness.

(a sordid dress)

The door for eternity was open

when I moistened my feet crossing

the third margin of the river.

(I feel so cold, I feel so much...)

Life is nothing but a vague evidence

of love's trivial happiness when

it hurt me.

What I lost multiplies deep inside

and it is so untouchable and bright.

and it is so distant from my left hand.

Karla Bardanza

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