First they make you wear cruel blinkers

as they whip your body with their new truth.

Then they steal your voice, tie your hands,

torture your heart and mind trying to find

what they suppose you still keep and hide.

Little by little they strip you of your dignity.

Ideals and dreams are the first ones to die.

You forget slowly how to walk, glide and fly.

Your scars are so deep and you don’t know

whether you are awaken or in profound sleep.

You try not to succumb and creep but when

you look around, your face doesn’t belong to

you anymore. You have no identity, no past,

no name or even soul. Fear is the language

they teach you fast, you learn your role.

You sit and cry waiting for better days.

You pray, you choke with that word

you still can’t say and today is just like

tomorrow and tomorrow is more one

day in your old book of sorrow.

Some are missing, some are dead and

all you want is to forget that time when

your world was dumb and dressed in red.

Karla Bardanza

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