The abyss hid from me so prudently and took away all those words I’d rather not read, all the letters are just like the tessitura of an unforgettable song. Now I can neither hear the perpetual melody of the sea nor the evil flowers. Something silences this afternoon while it swallows me and transfigures me but I overflow and quiet I hear my own void without grasping it.

I am deaf! I can’t hear the stars in my soul or this desire that doesn’t know how to wait. Oh cruel silence! A somber ocean breathes inside and makes me sink in poems written in tender madness. I am not in harmony with the beating of my heart: I lost the consonants and the vowels of delight. Nothing reverberates in this space that separates me from light and binds me to darkness.

I write my silence while the scared moon crawls within feeling that what I haven’t said vibrates in this condemned wind as it takes me back to my own womb and buries me between love and tender despair.

Karla Bardanza

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