Soft breeze whispering through my black hair.

Angels embracing me, scent of flowers in the air.

A kind of magic makes me fly and close my eyes:

Suddenly I am a fairy among sweet butterflies.

All I want is to cast some sweet love spells

And hide secrets and pearls in shy shells.

I am fairy today, I can command the moon.

Now I know what should come into bloom.

Violets, roses and lilies hold my tender hand

And the language of flowers I shall understand.

A blue unicorn is my only and one close friend.

Everything is perfect, I just want to transcend.

Life is a splendor that I can’t really explain.

I peel away, I am a different woman again.

This delicious moment shall last in time.

Fate is in my hands and it will be sublime.

Karla Bardanza

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