Lies and cliches make me feel good

My transparent heart just wants 
cliches, lies and the eternal abandonment
that consecrates the indelible "was-it-good-for-you?".
(just checking, dear!)

staring at you like Marlene Dietrich in Tragedy of Love
and with my hands half open
and my body more (in)tense,
i will say you are what "the night heard"
and "the wind stole"
and i know my ears will hear the same 
from your lunar mouth.
your sleepy metaphors will crown
my tired innocence:
-i promise you i will believe (sic)
i am unique and absolute like
water, caipirinha and foam.-

feeling your skin scratching
my face, i won't say
yes or no
as my heart jumps
before your jelly words.
and my own cowardice.

instead, i will pretend for two days
this thing is going 
to work out fine,
muttering only the necessary
to make our wrinkles happier
and our lightness almost

karla bardanza

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