Amelie's Chansons

Andrew Atroshenko
Amélie wrapped me up
in her French songs,
pirouetting barefoot around me
as if I were a new discovered planet
from a limited surreal galaxy.
I had six white daisies
in my short wavy hair,
she was wearing her favourite
long flowing blue skirt.
The infinite was dancing
hand in hand with me.

Amélie's brisk movements
choreographed life,
smoothing the morning
with delicate adagios.
I was too shy to support
my body and fears
with only one leg.
But Amélie's feet met together
in mid-air.
(Some people are lighter
than a teardrop:
they are the ones who
make us ashamed of being
so coward)

And as Amélie whirled
around me like a wheel of fire,
I felt happiness burning
my skin gloriously,
immersing the room
in an exuberant psychodelic light,
revealing myself to myself
as if that moment was
an adventurous synesthesia.

I can't remember being
so unique and beautiful before.
Amélie is a secret I have kept
my whole life and
when I am squeezed
between the hard walls
of reality, she closes my eyes
with strong beauty
and I am a chanson tattooing
her watery hands.

Karla Bardanza

This is one of my favouriete soundtracks and my simple poem is a tribute to it:

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2012 Photobucket

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