La femme n'existe pas

Painting by Juan Carlos Manjarrez

Won't you celebrate my breasts
and all the complexities pervading
the strange mission of being a woman,
or even the parenthesis contained between
my legs always open to my own

Your Lacanian psychology
can't give an account of my lacks.
I am not your symptom.
How could a subject like me
be dissolved if your entire being
lies in my body? I can't lend myself
to your generalizations and assumptions.
All I can do is to sustain your (in)consistency,
I can't obey your mysterious logic though.

Won't you celebrate my condition
of poetry when your mouth faced me
with silence and awe?
In the beginning I must confess I desired
only. I used to think there was love
because you gave me the extent I didn't have.
It was a sweet paradox to deceive myself
when I knew what I wanted all the time.
The loneliness of love saturated me
for your words abandoned me when
the lights were on.

Aragon said that love is to lie truly:
You thought so little. I thought I loved you.
Our failure was so enthralling.
We shall sit and consider the fact
that I am not what you are
meanwhile we toast my uterus
for I still can co-create life
even when life I can't find in myself.

Karla Bardanza

La femme n'existe pas=Woman doesn't exist

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2012

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  1. Carl Jung and Freud would have loved this! This is a first I have read of analyzing love making. You truly have a way with words! Different, bold and refreshing! tc