Painting by Fidel Garcia

What is this thing in life
that keeps me dazzled and dazed
when I am more like earth and water?
If you can answer this,
I will give you another daughter,
another chance of proving me
that pleasure is still where it has always been.

Some things are hidden in old songs,
in our voices singing the perfect chemistry
of our skin.
Some things we learnt together
as we do our best to be divine beings
or just sin.

Close your eyes, empty your mind:
our unity is higher than ourselves.
What we feel contains nothing because
it contains all that ever was and will be.
(You got me on my knees - you are before me and
in me)

I gaze at your ignored deep mysteries
and I come into being again.
Your stillness is where I store
everything that is sacred and profane.

You tear my thoughts from my body,
transporting it to a place where
infinity fills every part of infinity
helping me to cross my own silence
and ever expanding virginity,
making me moving within myself,
creating my new innocence.

What is this exquisite pleasure
invading my senses, filling me with
a precious essence, leading my mind to
stray beyond its own borders?

What is this thing in life
that makes me hear the echo of a great space
as we lie down with our legs inextricably intertwined
and face to face?

If you can answer this
you will see me inside yourself
riding love, balancing bliss.

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2011


  1. This reads to me Karla as a tribute to the Goddess who is so important in your life. I think it is a beautiful write. It exudes mystery and mystism. Blessings!

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