I put love in my mouth
and I swallowed it.
It'll never desert me again:
It is within.
I ate it with my trembling hands
and agonizing body.
I won’t lose it anymore
when the treacherous rain destroys
the sky.

All the beauty loves
hides is mine now.
What was just outside,
is inside too living in
my tormented corners haunted
by nostalgia and by the blind time.

I put love in my mouth
and it rests in my bowels.
I ate every bit of it so gently.
I feel that my soul doesn’t fit
in my gaps muffled by pain any longer
after this surprise.

Love (who would ever guess!) tastes
like watermelons, dreams,
Love is still the raw material
that only children and poets understand
when they talk with stars and light up the words.

It's here in my mouth
every time I am naked and crazy
shouting that I am never tired of watching
fireflies courting the night
suspended between those who love
and those who wait to be loved..

I put love in my mouth
and I ate it:
I am enlightened now.

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2011

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  1. This is beautiful Flower! Love should be in everyone's diet! EXALT!