So there you were laughing,
eating, drinking, enjoying yourself
with your next victim in my favourite
restaurant. You were so happy, weren't you?

Frozen clouds covered my eyes.The hands of
the past were breaking my bones again,
strangling me with rage and care.
Something bled fast inside.

Couldn't breathe, speak,
Couldn't stand up or feel anything:
your eyes met mine. The abyss swallowed
the morning. Shivering i was, terrorized i was.

The walls dissolved, the sun was numb:paralysis.
A voice said 'be strong'. i couldn't.
i can't. i was swept into Hell once more
as i searched for myself, my soul.

Salome, dance now: i want his head
in a charger and his blood in a crystal glass
cup as i eat his heart to gain the courage i know
i will never have again to be the woman i was

Karla Bardanza

Copyright©Karla Bardanza 2011

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