As sleep falls, I dream of clouds and stars.
My private heaven is behind a shield.
Everything is so unreachable and surreal
And nothing can be divine or revealed.

The sadness of the moon engulfs me
As blind knots needed to be untied.
In dreams of hope and despair I see
All those forgotten things I have to hide.

In an oniric world I lost my identity:
Wings of illusion are my cherished air
When reality draws me traps again
I close my eyes and I easily get there.

My world is made of tears in the dust:
It is where I taste serenity and delight.
I escape to my mind and it is transformation.
I am myself when I embrace the night.

Karla Bardanza

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  1. I like the last line: "I am myself when I embrace the night".
    We all are our real selves when we allow ourselves to dream, to reconnect with our spirit that is alive and wake in our dreams. It is quieted and turned off during the day cause we are bombarded with stuff to do, not what we want or who we are... Enjoyed this flower... Beautiful!!! EXALT!!!