She unzipped that night unintentionally: she chose him and everything happened so fast between them. She was so bereaved and bereft, she could never think fate was going to open a different window so soon but she married his night so softly. Words flew intensely as they got to know each other. They laughed together drinking each other’s eyes as her fire was slowly been rekindled by his strong sweetness. She had never felt so free. She was there being herself, brazing her desire out while he guided her with his eyes and words of passion. Everything in her was a blast of beauty for him: her wild hands, her bare shoulders, her shy moon. He lost himself in her. They took an alternate path and perfection was in every detail they could grasp and taste with their souls. When they felt the serpent’s touch, their flowers bloomed into sweet whispers. The whole world silenced.

There were neither lies, nor promises, just two hearts wrapped in thorns, searching for some forgetfulness. That night swept them into eternity, that night will happen again and again because they are hungry, because they crave for more.

Karla Bardanza

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