The restless door opened: I crossed your avenues,

inviting you to lick my quiet ferocity, scratching

your night with my poetic claws, dazed, dazed.

-------------------subtleties of love-----------------

My virgin eyes reveled in your skin, kissing your

perfect imperfections, swimming in delicate honey,

engendering pleasure as your arms illuminated me.

---------------------nuances of love----------------------

My pores awakened. My unimaginable wilderness

swallowed sounds, scents, scenes imprisoning you

in my perfumed garden.

------------------------secrets of love---------------------------

My lips touched your unremembered fire, your soul

danced, we forgot our thorns, I disheveled a new truth:

I encountered you in me and we devoured peace.

------------------------beauty of love-------------------------------

My cunning heart exiled you deep inside, my uncontrollable

thing: two bodies learning the intransitive verbs of desire.

Food and fuel feeding my silent drums, stripping time.


sublime, sublime, sublime, sublime, sublime, sublime...

Karla Bardanza

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