O' Sister!

Come with me

and bring the candles.

The earth is damp and

the water is still.

Let's dance and chant

till you become one with

the light.

Let this light spread all

around you and into infinity.

Rejoice sister, rejoice!

O' Sister!

Your blood is my blood,

in perfect love and in perfect trust,

we must live and let live.

This heart of mine is what

I have to give.

Hold it in your hands as

our sisterhood of roses comes into


Feel the perfume, feel the perfume.

O' Sister!

Beauty, strength and compassion

are within you.

Honor our Mother

and the perfect words.

Let's sing, make music and make

love to celebrate for here is

the wine of life.

O' Sister

Come with me,

by the powers of Wind

and The Sea,

by the might of the Moon

and the Sun

Our sisterhood of roses

is in your veins.

Our sisterhood of roses

can't be undone.

Karla Bardanza

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  1. Karla, I love this one. It is beautiful. You my other half, I am your sister, In poetry and in life itself. Blessings. ~ Cinda