He attacked my fantasies right

where desire draws the abstract

art of living, shooting stars and

some hopes at random as I touched

his distant chest.

My life melted.

(I swear it was frozen)

It ran through me fast:

Tachycardia, perspiration pleasure, pain.

Somebody diagnosticated me lust.


My body knows the impossible him.

He is the party in power, the great combination

of what could be and will never happen.

He is the train I'd love to take but

I don't know where it is going.

He is the dream miles away behind

those words I'd rather not say.

In my throat there is a whisper

waiting to be unveiled.

(My breasts wait for your palms)

In my eyes there is a hot vision

burning lonely.

(Everything is all yours)

The impossible sigh brings out God in me.

The impossible mystery is a little moment

at the end of all.

My memory caresses me while

his invisible skin I eat and recall.

Whenever I close my eyes,

you lick my heart,

you suck my hand.

Those minutes only my biological clock

can understand.

Karla Bardanza

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