Rub and warm this amber

between your poetic hands.

Feel the aroma hidden in

mysteries woven out of

vowels and consonants of


Feel the twilight in lips

parted with desire as your

mouth visits a flower in bud.

Feel your blood running wild

in delicate petals…Feel…Feel…

See these eyes getting dim,

embracing your lust within,

vacillating in steps to paradise

as passion does arise from a

surrender to the moon.

See this perfumed garden

in bloom bowing to your

words of enchantment and


Taste the sea on this cinnamon

skin, your tongue lavishing kisses

on thighs, the blue falling from

the skies, sighs enveloping the

universe, a verse of love witnessing

the perfection of bliss. Taste…Taste…

Hear the melody this heart composed

with closed eyes: sounds sewing two

bodies in motion, emotion devouring

the infinity, quenching your thirst,

calling you to be one again, making

you whole, bringing back your soul.


This is the sanctity of my life.

This is my temple of love.

This is how I worship you.

Karla Bardanza

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