Mother Democracy  

as I lay dying here,

I see our past.

You left me:

I could never understand

why you didn't hold me

in your arms.

Was I different from your

other kids? Was I?

You never cared about

my needs and despair.

You never feed me on

Hope or Justice.

And I...I have always waited

for your loving hands.

I did everything a baby could do

to get some attention:

I shouted, I cried, I clapped,

I needed you.

I needed you.

Mother Democracy

I am not waiting for you


My naivety pined away:

I still gag with all those words

I couldn't say.

You left me when I

needed you most.

I fought. How I fought

for what I believed,

for what nobody taught me

because it was tattooed in

my calloused heart

But now I am tired.

Let me die silently.

Let me die soon.

Karla Bardanza

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